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Program Outline 议程概要

Reboot, get inspired, and network!


The Pre-Summit workshops kick-off at Tongji EMBA Centre on Tuesday, 16th Oct 2017with a 2 day “Transpersonal coaching & Facilitator Accreditation Program” that created by Sir John Whitmore.

本次峰会将于20171017,星期二,在同济EMBA中心拉开序幕。当然,如果您选择参加为期两天的, 由 John Whitmore爵士设计的“Transpersonal coaching & Facilitator Accreditation Program”的话,那么您的峰会体验,将从10月16日开始。

On 17th Oct, four leading educators from UK, Australia and China, will get together to explore some cutting edge topics in depth. Choose any two to attend and which can be booked separately.

2017年10 17,来自英国,澳大利亚和中国的四位教育专家,将和您一起深入探讨一些尖端的话题。纠结的是,你会选择参加哪两场专题研讨呢?

The official Neuroscience for Leaders 2017 Summit starts on Wednesday, 18th Oct 2017.


On the morning of 18th Oct 2017, we will kick off the Summit with a keynote session that’s inspired by the host-country. Attendees then spend the morning to explore neuroscientific findings related to health, performance and happiness. Afternoon sessions will feature of concurrent sessions designed to explore the relationship between Neuroscience and leadership and its application in workplaces.


On the night of 18th Oct 2017, a round table dinner themed as “Wisdom in Business” will be held at a landmark restaurant in Shanghai, Speakers will hold intimate discussions and share their learnings about wisdom, and its application in business. Only 80 seats are available to allow for high quality and in-depth discussions. Secure your space quickly.

2017年1018日晚,我们将在上海的地标餐厅,举办一场主题为“智慧与经营”的圆桌晚宴。演讲嘉宾将亲密分享、讨论他们对智慧的理解, 以及将智慧融入商业经营的经验和教训。为了保证对话的质量和深度,我们只提供80个座位,先购先得。

Then on 19th Oct 2017, a series of workshops and panel discussions are offered. You will learn from global and local business owners about their approaches to business development and management, as well as building an internal community that makes positive contribution to overall society. They will also illustrate how they outperform compititors with sustainabed higher earnings … all validated by cutting edge neuroscience findings, don’t miss it!

然后,在2017年1019,我们将举行一系列讲座和小组讨论,您将从国际大企业和本地企业的创办者和管理者那儿,学习了解他们经营公司、发展业务的思路与方式,以及他们是如何成功建立一个对外部社区做出积极贡献的企业内部团队,并因此得以保持持续的高盈利的… 他们的很多实践经验都是被神经科学最前沿的发现所验证的,千万别错过了!

Through out 17th – 19th Oct, several fun, creative, and engaging “learning experiencewill be held to assist you to internalize the learning, make deep connection with fellow attendees, and turning other people’s wonderful experience to be your very own actions… Individual and team winners will be announced at the Cocktail Party on the Grand Finale on 19th Oct.  Make sure you won’t miss it, you don’t have to walk on the path of transformation alone, and it can be FUN, FUN, FUN!


The exhibition will be open all day on both of 18th & 19th Oct 2017, the hall will be buzzing during the sponsored morning and afternoon networking breaks.


The Grand Finale of the Summit revolves around celebration, a cocktail party is arranged right after the closing keynote on 19th Oct 2017, prize for “Learning Experience” will be announced, and more networking and connections will be made.

峰会结束时,则是各类庆祝活动。在20171019的闭幕致辞之后,我们安排了一场鸡尾酒会,届时将宣布“学习体验的获奖名单,并给大家更多机会和与会嘉宾结识的机会 。

We aim to do everything we can to make sure You’ll leave the Summit feeling inspired, full of new connections, new knowledge, and new memories shared with your peers, partners, and clients. Most importantly, you will be armed with at least ONE big new idea that you will take into your life, to make an impactful difference.

我们会尽力而为,令您在离开峰会时觉得充满了灵感,认识了更多同道中人,学习了更多新知识,且创造了更多与同行,合作伙伴及客户的回忆。最重要的是,您会清楚地知道,如何将某个新的想法带回生活中,产生巨大的影响 。

Summit Schedule  峰会日常,点击查看详情,以峰会当日发布日程为准

Deep Learning
Pre-summit Accreditation
Deep Learning
Pre-summit Workshop
Summit Day 1
Summit Day 2
10:00 - 17:00
Transpersonal Coaching and Facilitation Accreditation
10:00 - 17:00
Transpersonal Coaching and Facilitation Accreditation
10:00 - 13:00
Workshop 1: Applying Neuroscience to Emotion & Stress Management
10:00 - 13:00
Workshop 2: iHEART program
专题研讨主题二:iHEART program
14:00 - 17:00
Workshop 3: Human Conscious Architecture
14:00 - 17:00
Workshop 4: Brain-savvy Wo+men
专题研讨主题四: 了解大脑,两性合作
09:00 - 17:00
ALL DAY – Open Space for Learning, Art and Converstation
全天——开放空间: 深化学习、艺术和 交谈
Opening: Why this Summit
10:00 - 11:00
Key Note: Why Neuro-Management is the future of management?
11:00 - 12:30
Concurrent workshops about applying neuroscience findings to improve overall wellbeing, personal effectiveness & performance

Summit Concurrent Workshop 1: Neuroscience for Effectiveness

Summit Concurrent Workshop 2: 9 Habits for high performing Brain
峰会分会场二: 高效率大脑的9个习惯

Summit Concurrent Workshop 3 峰会分会场三: Brain Savvy HR, Business and Wo+Man

Summit Concurrent Workshop 4 峰会分会场四:Know what you WANT
14:00 - 15:00
Keynote: Neurobiology for Transformation
15:00 - 16:30
Concurrent Workshop about applying neuroscience findings on leadership development, coaching and management

Summit Concurrent Workshop 5: Cultivate Inner Power

Summit Concurrent Workshop 6: Hormone, Neurotransmitters, and Leadership

Summit Concurrent Workshop 7: Responsible & Impact Leadership
峰会分会场七: 责任型具影响力的领导力

Summit Concurrent Workshop 8: Neuroscience for Coaching
18:30 - 20:00
Roundtable Dinner & Wisdom in Business
圆桌晚宴 & 商业经营中的智慧先行
09:00 - 17:00
ALL DAY – Open Space for Learning, Art and Converstation
全天——开放空间: 深化学习、艺术和 交谈
Opening: Neuroscience based wholistic approach to Individual and Business Development
10:00 - 11:00
Keynote: Business culture that is validated by Neuroscience, its impact on Employee, Business and Community
11:00 - 12:30
Global & local businesses to share their stories about wholistic approach to development, purpose and profit

Business Pioneer Sharing 1 践行者分享一: Albaba
Business Pioneer Sharing 2 践行者分享二: Intrepid Travel Group
Business Pioneer Sharing 3 践行者分享三: Gung Ho! Ventures
Business Pioneer Sharing 4 践行者分享四: Shuang Tong Group 双童集团
14:00 - 15:30
Panel: Long term impact made on internal and external community while taking wholistic & balanced approach
15:30 - 16:30
Closing keynote: Awake wisdom inside out to make long term positive impact
Celebration & more networking
Select date to see events.

The summit program is designed to explore the possibilities, the solutions, and the pathways to “Unlock the Brain’s True Power” on 3 levels, which are:

我们希望在三个层面上来探讨“释放大脑真正能量”的可能性、方案和路径, 这三个层面分别是:

Individual level


The brain’s role in relationships, performance, mental health


Flourishing vs. Languishing – What does higher purpose have to do with success?


Seeking Outside vs. Exploring Within – Where does wisdom come from?


Business level


The brain’s role in relating, engaging, inspiring, and leading


Why does doing anything matters to everything?


Why does bringing higher purpose into the equation equal higher profit?


What are the conditions for sustainable growth in this century and the next?


Society level


Why and how everything is connected?


How do we move away from a fear- and anxiety-based social norm to restore and reboot an abundance-, kindness-, and compassion-oriented social norm?


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