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Jan Hills


Jan Hills


Jan set up Head Heart + Brain to change the way businesses are managed and led. Her consultancy takes the findings from neuroscience and applies them to leadership and business practice. With a Masters qualification in NeuroLeadership, she’s the driving force behind their brain-savvy approach.

Before Head Heart + Brain Jan ran her own successful consulting business and was COO at an investment bank, so brings a huge amount of experience to the table in leadership and dealing with practical business issues.

She is the author of three books including Brain-savvy Business: 8 principles from neuroscience and how to apply them. You can learn more at

Jan Hills具有神经科学领导力的硕士学位,她的Head, Heart + Brain咨询公司为企业机构的领导和管理方式带来了突破性变革。她的顾问服务能将神经科学的前沿成果应用到领导力和企业运营管理中。

Head Heart + Brain成立之前,她拥有自己的顾问机构,同时还是一家投资银行的首席运营官。她把自己丰富的商业实践经验运用到了领导力课程中,解决实际商业问题时尤为得心应手。

目前她已有三本著作面世,其中包括《Brain-savvy Business: 8 principles from neuroscience and how to apply them》。如您想了解更多详情,欢迎登陆她的网站