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Dr. Reza Samvat


Dr. Reza Samvat


Dr Reza Samvat graduated from Logan Chiropractic University (USA) in 1991. Dr. Reza has  27 years’ experience in various areas of integrative health. He is the Founder of Australia’s first natural sleep centres (Sleep4Health™).  He encourages a value based approach to health, focusing on evidence based health care practices.

He is also the Founder of the Performance Enhancement Health Coach™ Program which addresses the development of optimum leadership performance skills via the creation of health at physical, chemical, emotional and mental levels within individuals. His special interests in neuro-plasticity and transformation embraces the integration of functional neurology, nutritional biochemistry, sleep medicine and mind body medicine. Reza has included years of clinical observation in his book “Sleep, Health and Consciousness” for the professionals, and is currently writing a book for the general public, to be released shortly.

Reza博士1991年毕业于美国的Logan Chiropractic大学,他在综合健康的多个领域累积了27年的专业经验。Reza博士还是澳大利亚首个自然睡眠中心Sleep4Health™的创建者,他主张以价值导向的方式来对待健康,从实际科学依据出发进行医疗健康护理。

同时,Reza 博士也是Performance Enhancement Health Coach™的创建者,该项目通过保持生理、化学、情绪和心理多个方面的健康来帮助个人达成领导力的最佳表现。他对于神经可塑性和个人蜕变有着极大兴趣,其中就包括功能神经科学,营养生物化学,睡眠医药,身心医药等多个具体领域。Reza的著作《Sleep, Health and Consciousness》综合了他个人多年的临床观察,广受行业内的专业人士欢迎,目前他正在撰写一本更加面向大众的书,不久即将出版问世。