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Vivi Tian 田桉萁


Vivi Tian 田桉萁


Vivi TIAN focuses on leadership development, team effectiveness and employee engagement through coaching and facilitation. She has involved in a number of leadership development & change management projects, majorly responsible for the coaching part of the design and implementation, which helps her gained a wealth of best practices in organization.

Her style is agile, with depth, direct & fun. She believes that fun is the best way to learn & engage people; she also believes that everyone has desires to grow. A coach’s job is to probe client’s thinking, to bring out their inner resources with love and trust & t0 support and cheer for the clients’ break through; when necessary she would be a pure mirror to serve the growth of client.

Prior to becoming a coach and mentor, Vivi has more than 15 years of management experience in business development and sales. She has worked for Yazaki(auto parts/Japan) and Fluor (global builder/USA). She lives and works in the United States, Canada, Dubai and now lives in Beijing.

Vivi became a coach since 2010. Now she is the faculty member and ICF certification mentor for the world’s largest & oldest coaching school – CTI/Coaching Training Institute in the United States. She is an advocate of introducing Neuroscience & Consciousness in people development. In 2015, she introduced neuroscience & transformative advanced coaching into China which she trains & promotes throughout the country. She also co-translated a leadership book <<Stake>>, it published in October 2016.

Besides work, in her leisure time, Vivi is a dancer & meditator. She practices holistic indian dance. She reads &amp; travels to experience different dimensions of life.




田桉萁从2010年开始从事专业教练,现任总部位于美国全球最大面授教练培训学院(Coaching Training Institute)的教练导师和ICF认证教练课程团队督导,以及一对一教练导师。她是大脑科学和意识转化教练的倡导者,2015年把脑神经科学高级教练技术 NCTC高级教练认证项目引入中国并且在国内各地演讲和推广。她参与翻译的领导力书籍《心桩》于2016年10月出版。