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Elise Zhu


Elise Zhu


Elise Zhu is an Organizational Psychologist. In recent years, Elise has been fascinated by neuroscience and its application, especially in the area of management and leadership. She is keen to use latest knowledge in neuroscience to help her clients “rewire their brain” to optimize their brainpower and maximize their performance. She has been devoting extensive time and effort since 2016 to promote applied neuroscience in China market, and has made it her personal mission to help more people benefiting from knowing and using their own brains better.

Apart from living the passion for neuroscience, Elise is also a seasoned Talent Assessor and Executive Coach. She has extensive experience in working with corporate leaders to facilitate them in successfully navigating the challenges and opportunities in their professional life, as well as helping organizations enhance competitive edge with their human assets.

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Elise Zhu是一位组织心理学家。近年来,她对于神经科学,尤其是其在管理和领导力方面的应用充满了激情。她致力于运用最新的神经科学知识帮助她的客户通过“重塑大脑”来优化脑力和提升绩效。自2016年以来,她致力于在中国市场推广神经科学的应用,并将此作为个人使命,期待帮助更多的人通过更好地了解和使用自己的大脑而受益。