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Why This Summit 为什么办这场峰会

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Authentic Leadership – it’s the goal for many, the destination for which they strive. But what does it actually entail? Is it simply a matter of being the best person in a field, or is it about harnessing your own abilities and the abilities of those around you to excel? And can you perform to the highest possible level without compromising your mental and physical wellbeing?

Yes, you can undergo training, of course. You can increase your skills, improve your understanding of the industry, and increase your technical capability. These certainly can help, but, are they enough?

The Neuroscience for Leaders 2017 Shanghai Summit will offer you some powerful answers to these questions.

What is neuroscience and how can it help leaders?

Over the last decade, neuroscientists across the globe have made some groundbreaking discoveries about the connections between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health, and people’s performance. We now know, for example, that there is indeed a strong connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Accordingly, it makes sense to apply these findings to leadership development.

These findings are showing us that there are better ways of doing business, ways that do promote business growth and success but are not stressful and harmful to the people involved, we seeks to achieve business objectives while maintaining a healthy balance that keeps the wheel of overall wellness running smoothly.

We know this is true, because there are people and organisations who are already using the principles discovered through neuroscience. You can make changes that are tangible, real, and productive right now. This is what the Neuroscience for Leaders Summit will provide to you, a forum of leading thinkers giving you the knowledge you will need.

Neuroscience-based leadership is booming in the West, and it is only a matter of time before China and the East take up and apply these insights.

Given the fast growth witnessed by the world, more and more elite Chinese are seeking alternative approaches that can sustain the high speed of development in this VUCA world, and align the heart with the mind.

It is shown by neuroscientific findings that peak performance emerge when professional development goes hand in hand with personal. This Summit will foster awareness of our untapped potential, supporting the emergence of ways of thinking, working, leading, managing and doing business that are creative joyful, and impactful on a leader’s life.

So, stage is ready, see you soon!

真诚型领导力, 是许多人追求的终极目标 。但是,其究竟意味着什么呢?仅仅是成为某个领域里最优秀的人吗?还是将自己和所带领团队的能力发挥至最大?究竟怎样才能即保持最高效的业绩,又不至于用健康、幸福做代价呢?









神经科学的一些研究发现证明,只有在专业技能上的提升与个人的心智发展携手并进时,最佳绩效表现才可能产生。 这场峰会将帮助大家意识到我们尚未利用、开发的那些潜力;支持、促成管理、领导、和经营的新思路、新做法的产生,既充满创意与喜悦,也多管理者的生活产生巨大的影响。